Welcome to CRUS!

CRUS stands for Cornish Rex breeders in co-operation (Cornish Rex-uppfödare i samarbete). CRUS is a website listing Swedish Cornish Rex breeders. It is aimed at people looking to get a Cornish Rex, to help them find breeders. CRUS is not a club or an organisation, just a website with contacts to breeders. There is no English version, but if you are looking for breeders in Sweden, click on the page "Uppfödare" in the menu, there you will find a list of breeders. Under "Kattungar" you can see which breeders have available kittens. For further contact, please see the contactinformation under each breeder.

If you have any questions, you can reach us by email at: kontakt.crus@gmail.com